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On-Site Medical Care

On-site, for convenient and cost effective immediate care and on-going wellness.

On-site Medical and Wellness Solutions

On-site medical and wellness solutions are changing the way employers control healthcare costs, while helping employees get better and more efficient care.

The MDamerica workplace care solution is anything but routine.  Our on-site care model encompasses a wide range of clinical care options, as well as workplace safety programs and work related injury triaging.  Our on-site care programs are customized to meet the clinical and financial needs of our clients and are designed to offer a full-range of outpatient care and treatment options.



Physician & Specialty

Primary care, registered nurses and other specialty care service options are available to our customers.  Specialty service options: cardiovascular, dermatology, digestive health, neurology, orthopedic, podiatry, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc.

Laboratory & Diagnostics

Customers can select from a variety of laboratory and diagnostic solutions to be offered on-site.  From comprehensive clinical laboratory services, to EKGs, ultrasound and x-rays, our service level options are unmatched in the industry.


Workplace Safety & Work Injury Triage Services

Our workplace safety and work injury triage services are designed to foster a safer work environment for employees and to help mitigate exposure from work related injuries.  This service can help greatly improve productivity and reduce workers compensation costs.

Diet, Nutrition & Exercise Consulting

A vast majority of health conditions and risks can be linked back to poor diet, inadequate nutrition and lack of exercise.  In addition to the health issues and increased cost of medical care, a lack of exercise and a poor diet can greatly impact productivity in the work place and absenteeism. Our solutions can greatly improve the health of employees and improve the bottom-line for employers.

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